All Categories of HR Software

Unique Human Resource Software can increase the potential of a company by many times. If
you like to understand what HR software is you can read our post. In this post, I will discuss
some categories of HR Software. There are many categories of HR Software. Since the number
is huge, I will not discuss all of them but preferably the main ones.

1. Employee Management HR Software

As the name suggests this software is used by the company to better manage its employees. It
also helps to increase employees’ potential as the software helps the employee better connect
with other co-workers. Also, the software helps to gather employee information and creates a
competitive work environment as the employee’s progress is monitored using the software.

The company’s progress is highly dependent on employee management. If a company is
unproductive in its management, its returns are undervalued. The use of intelligent HR software
can take out most of its employees as the gamification of HR Software please their employees
to work harder by visually illustrating their progress, and skills and by drawing a parallel
between their profiles with others. This ensures their proper distinction in the firm.

2. Employee Training and Development Software

Human Resource Management software for employee training and development is programmed
to develop employee skills and experiences. The software is designed with different courses,
games, online classes, etc to make employees educated on the topics needed to work efficiently
for the company. In short, the software is used to train newly recruited or old employees to
improve their skills.

The HR trainee works with the management to conduct employee development and training
programs. Their job is to conduct training, in this case, software-based, to improve employees’
job skills and make them updated with company requirements.

3. Payroll and Accounting Software

HR Software has made payrolling and accounting effortless. The software helps to manage the
salaries of the employee in general. But it also helps to keep account of compensation and
benefits programs like bonuses, insurance, etc. Apart from Accounts payable and expenses, the
software also helps to better manage the company’s capital and other accounts.
Generally, a company recruits accounts specialists for this purpose. An accountant’s job can be
made effortless using HR software for accounting and payroll.

Closing Up

HR Software is a difficult and diverse topic to talk about. I’ve tried my best to sum up it for you.
There are also many categories of HRMS that I’ll try to cover later. You can learn the basics of
HRM Software in our round-up post.

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