The Best Small Business Human Resource Management Software in 2022

If you are looking for the best human resource management software for your small to mid-size
business, look no further. I have tried some HRM software, best for small to mid-size
businesses. Here in this post, I’ll discuss them with their rational and dire side so that you can
pick the best one for you.

Evaluation of the Best Human Resource Management Software

There are various features in HRMS and they vary from company to company. So It was difficult
for me to select the best one. But I’ve tried my best to select the best one possible. I’ve evaluated the best HRMS using the following criteria. The criteria are-

1. Value for money: There are HR features that are very important for the company and there are features that are barely used. I’ve looked for HRMS that have the best features for the value.

2. Straightforward UI: It’s not worth paying for if you face trouble using the software even after
having HR knowledge. So I’ve chosen software that is not gimmicky and easy to use.

3. Support and Services: Many HRM Software providers give cozy customer support. They
also support services such as smartphone apps, cloud services, etc. I’ve Kept them in mind
while choosing the software.

If you are not sure of what key feature you should look for in an HRMS that best suits your
business you can read our post on must-have HRMS features. Let’s discuss the best HRMS for
small businesses.


• $4.92/user/month
• Best value

Sapling HR Software software supports many ads-on as well as cloud computing integration. As
the subscription fee is less in Sapling you will require additional payment for more features and
supports. Since small businesses won’t use lots of ads-on anyway, the software is the best
value for money for small-size businesses.

Breezy HR

• $143/month
• Best overall

Unlike other HR Software, Breezy HR comes does not come with a charge per user. It is a good
thing since you have to pay specifically $143 to access all the features. But it increases the cost.
Breezy doesn’t come with a free trial but comes with a free version, which is an appreciating
thing about the software. Besides features like allowing integration with other solutions, simple
UI, smart applicant management, etc make the software worth paying for.


• Custom Pricing
• Best UI and Support

The best thing about ZenHR is custom pricing. They will deliver you features and charge you
based on that. The software offers android and ios apps that help the employee to be more
productive. Besides after the setup is complete, the software can calculate employee salaries,
insurance, bonus, etc automatically which minimize the fault in accounting and saves time and


Managing a business is not an easy task. Human resource software helps a company better
manage its activities. So a company should spend some budget on HR Software to increase
their productivity. Although choosing the right HRMS is tough, I tried to make the job easy for
you with the post. If you want to learn about customer relationship management, you can read
our posts related to CRMS.

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