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Employee onboarding has been made easier with the HRM software for employee recruitment
and onboarding software. The manual process of employee onboarding is not easy. Hiring
someone to onboard them in the company properly requires paper working, arranging tests and
interviews, training, and more. A company does all those manually if they do not use HRMS for
employee onboarding software. Using the software for recruiting and onboarding employees, a
company can do these processes automatically and efficiently.

My top picks for Employee Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding software comes with a lot of necessary and barely used features. Not just
that, some software are even highly-priced just for their unnecessary extra features. So I’ve
chosen the software based on the value they deliver for the money and the best overall features
that the software has to offer.

1. Rippling

Rippling is one of the fairest software when it comes to automation worker onboarding
management. It benefits new employees to get started with their job effortlessly. The software
helps to assign tasks, create reports, schedule and remind meetings, etc. besides the software
comes with employee training features so you don’t need to buy employee training software
separately. This will initially increase your expenses for the software but will reduce your overall

The price of Rippling is convincing judging by the wide range of services it provides. The
software comes with a monthly subscription of $8 per month. But the buyers are free to propose
custom services and offers. If your budget is limited but you want modern onboarding software
that can run automation tasks, you should give Rippling a shot.

2. Gusto

Gusto is an all-in-one HRM solution providing services on payroll, hiring, training, onboarding,
and CRM management. It comes with cloud computing, G suite, Microsoft 365, etc supports
making it one of the best HRM software. The UI of Gusto is simple and easy to use. That’s why
the software is been used by thousands of companies around the world.
The pricing of Gusto is very affordable comparing the services it provides to its competitor. The
basic plan of Gusto is $40 a month with $12 per seat. The premium plan is $150 per month with
the same seat price. It also allows custom pricing for companies depending on their demand.

3. Zenefits

Like Gusto, Zenefits is also an all-inclusive software. But the features that make it unique from
Gusto is an employee onboarding feature. The onboarding software of Zenefits allows paperless
onboarding and shares information with other benefits software like HR solutions automatically.
The essential pack of Zenefits is only $8 per month per employee. The other package includes
the Growth package with $14 per user per month and the Zen package with $21 per month per
user. I recommend you use the Zen package as it comes with a lot of necessary features.

4. Culmination

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Employee onboarding software is a great way to help new employees get started quickly and smoothly in their new job. This software can include a variety of features to help new employees learn about their job, the company, and the coworkers they will be working with.

The onboarding process can be an important step in the new employee’s first day at the company and should be
handled with care to ensure that the process is smooth and that the new hires feel comfortable in their new role. You can also read about the best HR software here.

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